Windows 10 Heat Problem: It's 50% Hotter than Windows 8.1!

Windows 10 is 50% hotter than 8.1 One thing I notice when running Windows 10 is that my laptop fan runs more times than when it was in Windows 8.1.
   I always check my laptop's temperature through my portable BatteryCare's tray icon quite a lot. So I can remember clearly that in Windows 8.1, the CPU temperature usually hits around 40°C (104ºF) in normal usage, and rarely at 50°C (122ºF) in heavy usage.
   Normal usage to me usually consists of using productivity apps like LibreOffice, some graphics apps like PicPick and Paint.NET, and some browsers like Cyberfox and Chromium.
   But the first time I started using Windows 10 (Enterprise Technical Preview 64-bit), the recurring fan noises make me wonder how high is the temperature. To my surprise, it is already at 50°C. What makes me even worried is that how easy it hits 60°C (140ºF) and more after just 30 minutes of normal usage!
BatteryCare 60 C    In BatteryCare, the temperature's font color changes to orange after 60°C. It's some kind of an early warning that it is above cool/normal temperature and you should remove the battery from the laptop.
   I learned that when it hits 90°C, the color changes to red. This is very critical and you should turn off the laptop to let it cool off in 30-60 minutes. My laptop never hits this range, but I once saw it on other laptop.

   In general my average normal usage temperature in Windows 8.1 is around 40°C, but in Windows 10 it's around 60°C. So there is a 20°C or 50% increase! In other words, Windows 10 (Tech. Preview) is 50% more wasteful in energy usage.
   I don't know what's the cause. Maybe because it's still in the preview stage and they add a lot of feedback services running in the background to log all of user activities.
   How about yours?[]
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