Windows 10 Technical Preview: Pro/Enterprise/Server, 32/64-bit, All Languages (Direct Downloads and Torrents)

Windows Insider Program
So you want to try out Microsoft's next operating system? Now you can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview both the retail/pro and business/enterprise, even the server edition.
   Hardware requirements are the same as Windows 8.1:
Technical Preview should work with the same devices and programs that work with Windows 8.1, but you might need to update or reinstall some of them.
   The official direct download links are:

Windows 10 Technical Preview
   If you experience slow speed from the direct download, you can use these torrents instead:
   Retail (32 bit/64 bit)Windows 10 Technical Preview Pro 32/64 bit, US English (product key: NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR).
   Business (32/64 bit). Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise 32/64 bit, US English (product key: PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PK).
   All editions (Pro/Ent./Server/All Languages/32/64-bit)Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9841 part 1 of 2 (Murphy), contents:
9841.0.140912-1613.FBL_RELEASE_SERVER_OEM_X64FRE_EN-US.exe  715 kB
cn_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552498.exe  207 MB
cn_windows_technical_preview_x86_dvd_5552506.exe  174 MB
en-gb_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552501.exe 145 MB
en-gb_windows_technical_preview_x86_dvd_5552510.exe 146 MB
en_windows_server_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5554304.exe 1004 MB
en_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x64_dvd_5554079.exe 26.3 MB
en_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x86_dvd_5554091.exe 21.3 MB
en_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552500.iso  3.81 GB
en_windows_technical_preview_x86_dvd_5552509.exe  607 MB
EXE-delta-patches-sha1.txt  2.02 kB
ISO-Hashes-sha1.txt 2.11 kB
pt_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552505.exe  132 MB
pt_windows_technical_preview_x86_dvd_5552513.exe  128 MB
README-murphy78.txt 3.29 kB
Tech-Preview-Keys.txt 263 B
   This last torrent needs a bit of tinkering to get the ISO edition you want. The base ISO is en_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552500.iso (3.81 GB). You can generate all other ISOs from this base.
   If you have downloaded the Pro x64 ISO, you can use it as a base ISO by renaming it into en_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552500.iso.
   For example, to generate the Enterprise EN-US 64-bit edition, make sure the base ISO and the "patch" is in the same folder, then run the patch named:
en_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x64_dvd_5554079.exe (26.3 MB) to generate the MSDN release, or
~ 9841.0.140912-1613.FBL_RELEASE_CLIENTENTERPRISE_VOL_X64FRE_EN-US.exe (26.3 MB) for the DDL/direct download release.
   To generate all x86 ISOs, first generate the x86 base ISO using en_windows_technical_preview_x86_dvd_5552509.exe (607 MB), then you can generate the other editions from this new base ISO.
   For 64-bit server edition, first generate the server base ISO using en_windows_server_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5554304.exe (1004 MB), then use this new base ISO to generate the other server edition ISOs.
   Here's some important quotes from Murphy's readme,
x64 has delta to enterprise x64 variant and the ddl enterprise x64. x86 is made by first using the x86 en-US delta to convert from the x64, then the x86 is the *source* for all the other x86 versions. Server x64 is made by first using the Server x64 delta and then you can convert to the ddl version or the hypercore ddl version.
In part 2 I will delta the rest of the msdn files such as the symbols_debug, server hypercore, and the rest of the enterprise languages. Someone shared the en-US version and the server version on MDL [My Digital Life forum]. We're waiting on the rest to be shared for part 2. I don't expect that the datacenter vhd will be a good idea to delta as it is over 7 gigs and in vhd format. I will likely just add it as is.
I'll include the exe patch hashes and the iso hashes in text files.
Windows Insider Program
   All editions (Pro/Ent./Server/All Languages/32/64-bit)Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9841 part 2 of 2 (Murphy). This second part torrent might only be useful for admin/IT staff:
cn_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x64_dvd_5554077.exe  193 MB
cn_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x86_dvd_5554084.exe  160 MB
en-gb_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x64_dvd_5554080.exe  133 MB
en-gb_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x86_dvd_5554087.exe  129 MB
en_microsoft_hyper-v_server_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5554305.exe v61.7 MB
en_windows_server_datacenter_technical_preview_x64_vhd_5554157.7z  2.76 GB
en_windows_technical_preview_debug_checked_x64_dvd_5552515.exe  1.85 GB
en_windows_technical_preview_debug_checked_x86_dvd_5552508.exe  1.18 GB
en_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_debug_checked_x64_dvd_5603471.exe  1.77 GB
en_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_debug_checked_x86_dvd_5554086.exe  1.11 GB
en_windows_technical_preview_symbols_debug_checked_x64_5737652.msi  910 MB
en_windows_technical_preview_symbols_debug_checked_x86_5737669.msi  641 MB
en_windows_technical_preview_symbols_x64_5737660.msi  602 MB
EXE-delta-patches-sha1.txt 1.18 kB
ISO_VHD_MSI-Hashes-sha1.txt 1.60 kB
Pt1 Torrent Magnet Link.url 348 B
pt_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x64_dvd_5554083.exe  118 MB
pt_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x86_dvd_5554089.exe  115 MB
README-murphy78.txt 2.47 kB
Tech-Preview-Keys.txt 263 B
   All of the above torrents are not official, but very much needed especially for users from slow connection countries.

   Don't know how to download via torrent?
1. Get the client/torrent app., for example this portable uTorrent (speed optimized, minimum ads).
2. Change the target download folder: Options Preferences Directories → change the target folder in Location of Downloaded Files.
   You can also change the Location of .torrents, a backup folder for the torrent file, not the downloaded file.
3. Open the torrent file you just downloaded from this blog with uTorrent: click the plus/"+" icon (Add torrent) on the toolbar.
4. Start the download by clicking the down arrow icon (Start torrent).
   You can stop and resume as you wish, the download will resume from the last position.
   If you don't want to download some files, just click the Files tab, select one/more files then click right and select Don't Download from the context menu.
   You can make a Windows installation flash disk using YUMI or Rufus.

   So, what are you waiting for? Let's start those downloads![]
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